Smokey Bones Online Benefits Information
Welcome to Your Benefits!
Nothing screams Embrace Excitement like benefits

OK - maybe that is a bit of a stretch but this is where your will find
Benefits Information for Salaried Managers, Hourly Managers and
members of our RSC team.

We encourage you to review all of your options before making your
benefit elections. If your selection strategy is to use
eeny, meeny, miny,
you may not be as happy with your insurance selections when you go
to use them. Please take time and care in reviewing this information.

Only you can determine which options are best for you and your family so
we encourage you to
Own What You Do and make informed

This web site is intended to only be an overview of the Smokey Bones benefit plans. The complete details about how the plans work are included in the
summary plan description and plan documents, which are available upon request. If there are any inconsistencies between this web brochure and the plan
documents, the plan documents will govern. The Company reserves the right to change or end the Smokey Bones benefit plans at any time.
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